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What is DOG GUARD® electric fencing?

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing is an electric dog fence system that is installed underground by burying a single wire as a complete loop along the entire perimeter of your property. This underground boundary can also include certain portions of your yard, such as a pool or garden. Your dog is safely contained within your yard with the boundaries you are comfortable with.

How does DOG GUARD® pet fencing work?

A transmitter is installed in a convenient location, such as the garage or basement. Then, the wire loop is placed underground. The transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire, which is picked up by the small receiver on the dog’s collar. When the dog approaches the wire, the receiver in the pet’s collar picks up the signal and gives off the owner’s choice of an  audible warning or mild correction.

How many pets can I have on a DOG GUARD® system?

The Dog Guard System is flexible enough to handle just about any number of pets in an area as large as 50 acres.

How much does a DOG GUARD® system cost?

Dog Guard systems costs much less than traditional fencing. More importantly, a Dog Guard pet containment system has none of the maintenance and aesthetic problems. The final cost can vary, depending on the size of the property and the number of dogs on the system. However, we work directly with the manufacturer, so there are no middleman costs, and the cost of your Dog Guard system may be lower than you think. Contact us today for a free estimate!

What makes DOG GUARD® better than any other system?

Here are some facts to consider when comparing our product with other products on the market. 

  • The Dog Guard brand dog fence system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This time allows you to make sure your pet will be successful with this product. We do this to offer that “extra peace of mind” while your pet is in training.

  • The transmitter offers a limited lifetime warranty against power surges and lightning strikes.

  • The receiver is water resistant.

  • A limited lifetime warranty on the receiver.

  • The DG9XT receiver is the most powerful receiver on the market. If necessary, the correction can be reduced by more than 75%. Even with reduced correction, no other receiver comes close to the strength of the DG9XT.

  • Our DGM4 Receiver is one of the smallest receiver units available. Weighing in at 2 oz., it is perfect for dogs 10 lb. and under, as well as cats! Don’t be fooled by its size, though. The DGM4 Receiver provides STRONG & DEPENDABLE CORRECTION, just like the DG9XT.

  • The transmitter is capable of enclosing up to 50 acres of property.

  • The system is user friendly, with indicator lights and range adjustment at your fingertips.

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